Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Great Purge

so, i've decided, once again, for good and for true, that i need to purge. and i need to be brutal. here are my new Purge Parameters:
  1. if i haven't used it in 6 months, it's gone.
  2. if it won't fit on a mini, it's gone.
  3. if it's (still) unopened, it's gone.
  4. if i don't know why i'm still keeping it, it's gone.
  5. if it's not vintage, it's gone.
  6. if i am still planning on using it for the same project i was planning 6 months ago but still haven't started, it's gone.
  7. if it's a book that i don't look at, it's gone.

this purge will be brutal. this isn't for the faint at heart. i have a lot of stuff (still) that i've been keeping because i like it, but really, will i ever use it? i doubt it. so... there will be a lot going away. there will be rub-ons, paper, chipboard, more stamps, stickers, and God only knows what else. maybe even some gel pens (i know how much you love them! unfortunately, i don't use them all that often, so they may just have to go, too). there may be some BIG surprises in the purge. i haven't fully decided on a few things, but the way i'm feeling today, they may just Be Gone tomorrow (the bold letters give a hint).

my plan is to put it all in totes and store it until the next yard sale at CNP. i'll post a pic when it's done.

i'll be keeping a running list of everything going into the tote, so you can plan your yard sale purchases (but so you know, staci's already working on her list! lol). if you're desperate for anything i've listed, just let me know, and i'll let you know how much.

UPDATE: just so you know... i've got some BG collection packs in my tote, and there's going to be some storage items in there, too. verticle paper storage, and some photo storage (though i don't think it will fit in my tote, but it will be there in spirit), and a wheely-thingy (the word escapes me right now) to haul you stuff to crops and such. i work in mini now. i don't need a large tote thing. ooh! that reminds me, i need to call pam! toodles! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

look at the progress! are you proud, annie?

check it out, folks. the boxes are in their spots on the shelves, and you can see desktop! i still need to find a place for a bunch of stuff, but it's all neatly in a basket on the table, so it's also contained. look at me... i'm productive! yay! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

back at it...

and i'm actually beginning to make some progress! i know, i can't believe it, either! who knew there was actually a desk under there! did you know i have a BG magnetic mat? i do! and now, i know where it is, and i almost have enough clear space to put it on the desk... where it will be usuable!!!!! somebody pinch me! this is actually happening! wow! i'm speechless!

ok, you know i'm not. have i ever been? maybe once or twice, but alas, this is so not one of those times. anyway...

the reason for the post tonight is this: i am working on my desk, and that contest from the other week, when i told you to guess the number of "extras" i was going to find... yeah, that still stands. and so far, in the basket i have set aside for this very purpose, i have 14 items. now, there's still more. i have found an extra bottle of glue, and i'm debating about that. i mean, who can't use glue, right? so, maybe i should keep it. but, i already have 2 bottles on the go. well, 3, i guess, if you count this one. so perhaps i should include it in the "extras"? i don't know. i think it's only been used once or twice.

i'll keep you posted on my progress here over the next few the meantime, i'm still purging, and still counting extras. and right now, included in this purge, there are some lovely glittery flowers, a 2-page layout i did for a crop circle (no title, no pics, but i'm not going to use it, so someone should enjoy it), a reverse image stamp, some chipboard, some Queen & Co brads in a nailpolish bottle (too cute!!!), and a very pretty sheet of paper. i've got more coming. i'm trying to be realistic (read: brutal) with all this, getting rid of things i really don't use/need. i'm keeping a few things, but a lot is going. i have found so many papers that i don't need, a couple flyers (including one for the CNP truckload clearance sale... last april).

well, i'm back to organizing. maybe i'll get my craft boxes back into their spaces tonight... i've already found a couple... boxes, that is... ok, and the spaces. they were buried behind crap. if you need me, this is where i'll be.

oh, and check the sidebar over the next few days, too. i may be downsizing a few other things here, as well. i know i've got a couple pizza box kits coming available, so once i get batteries for my camera i'll post some pics of those kits, so you know what you're coveting. alrighty? ttyl! :)