Wednesday, April 16, 2008

looking for some input here...

i have a problem. i love to read, but i also love dark novels (anything by Dostoyevsky is a particular favourite, and if it involves long, torturous journeys through life, i'm all over it. bizarre, i know, but i just can't get enough of that literary existentialism, for some reason. it's just so good!) and heavy non-fiction (my favourites? 14th-century english christian mysticism and anglo-saxon history, but anything historical or "thinky" will do). so, here's my quandry:


i would really like something feel-good. so far, i have "What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day" but that's it. seriously, one book, in a house full of books.


if you have any suggestions for books, i would love to hear. nothing eco-conscious (i'm trying to avoid anxiety), no end-of-the-world stories. no "surviving against incredible odds" (again, i can't handle devastating tales at the moment) or anything about mothers of sick babies. happy feelgood is what i'm after right about now, and i just don't know how to find that. so, please, dig in your nightstands, scan your bookcases, and recommend something (feel)good for me to read.

thanks! :)

UPDATE 4/27/08: thank-you, kerry, for the suggestion. i'll see if i can find anything Vinyl Cafe. i've also stumbled upon Sophie Kinsella, who seems to be pretty fluffy. i picked up her "Undomestic Goddess," and it's adorable. the perfect read. i'll be reading more of her stuff at some point, i'm sure. so there you have it. but, if you have any more suggestions, please feel free to leave your input. thanks! :)

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GregnKerry said...

Since I am the polar opposite of you when it comes to books-I think I can be of help!

The Vinyl Cafe books--all of them! Stuart McLean is so funny and the short story format is perfect for the SAHM who only has a few minutes at a time to give to book reading!