Saturday, April 5, 2008

Skinny Saturday challenge - done!

the theme this week on Skinny Saturday was open. whatever inspires you. not as easy at it sounds. at least when there's something prescribed, you don't have to sit and think "well i could do this or this or this or this or this...." but, i settled on something asian. a couple other challenges this week were asian, but i got nothing for them. just nothing coming together. but i worked at this one, and here's the result.
and not only is it my first skinny, it's the first time ever that i've used mulberry paper. hard to believe for some of you, but i like clean lines, and mulberry.... not so clean.
but, the mulberry had that awesome print, and i dug out a buddha pendant and threw it all together.
it's a nice little size. 3x5. like an index card. and you know, surprise surprise, i like it. a challenge, but i like it. can't wait for next week's challenge! :)


stampingbalou said...

Heather, this is so stunning... Love your Buddha... ;o)

Laura said...

I really like it, too, Heather! The mulberry paper is a perfect touch for your theme.
Creatively Yours, Laura

Barbara Hagerty said...

Very lovely! The mulberry paper is perfect for your skinny!

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow fabulous Skinny. So great. Brilliant work.

vintage wil said...

very lovely skinny !!!

Angie C said...

This is great, I love the Buddha. This is also my first time of making a skinny