Sunday, May 18, 2008

midnight croppin' last night

last night i went a-croppin' with some friends at CNP. we had a wonderful time. very therapeutic; i know a couple of us left in much better spirits than we arrived in. so thank-you, pam, for hosting yet another delightful, escapeful, scraptacular evening.
anyway... i seem to have put scrapbooking itself on "pause" lately, and am instead focussing on smaller projects. i like the artistry involved in paper crafting, not necessarily the whole "chronicling my family" thing. so, i'm really enjoying tags, ATCs and skinnies. these are my favourites (although i really enjoyed the gothic arch i did a while back. it's nice working with a more unconventional format like that).
above are the 2 projects i got done last night. that's right, in 4.5 hours, i only completed 2 small projects. that's ok, though. i take my time, and i don't mind. the whole process is enjoyable for me, and i'm a little over-zealous, perhaps, when it comes to design and detail. anyway, i hope you like them, because i sure do.
i'm going to see if the tag fulfills a challenge from another blog, and the skinny was inspired by pam's "Treat of the Week" sketch, so i got a lovely silver gel pen. i really enjoy her TOTW sketches/challenges. if you're in the St Thomas area, you should check it out. so much fun, and a wee prize to boot! :)
the poem on the boy skinny says:
Nobody knows what a boy is worth,
And the world must wait and see;
For every man in honoured place,
Is a boy that used to be.
- Phillips Brooks


Femmy said...

they are both beautiful!!! love the boy too!!!

Susi said...

I especially like your tag. It's very nice.

pattie said...

Wonderful pieces...I AM A GIRL...I HAVE MOODS indeed!!