Friday, May 23, 2008

My Soccer Star!

last night was blithe's first ever soccer game, and my first night as a "soccer mom." yikes! when did she (and i) grow up?! how did that happen without my noticing? ah, well, these things happen, i suppose. anyway, here are some photos from the game.
look at blithe (on the far left). she looks like such a pro, eh? :)

look at her, right in the mix!

i described her like this: she is totally the right in there throwing elbows to get at the ball win at all costs running with her tongue sticking out kinda kid! hilarious! and of course, between plays, she chatted with the coach. too cute! she had so much fun, although she was disappointed that she didn't score a goal herself. but she can't wait till next week; she keeps asking "when is thursday, mommy?"

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