Thursday, June 12, 2008

can you believe it?! i actually did a layout! 8x8 just seems so big anymore!

a dear friend is moving away, to winnipeg. no, i'm not talking about dr p or dr b. no, our pastor couple is leaving and moving on to direct the emm conference, based in winnipeg.
it is also this friend's birthday this week.
so some of us ladies decided to throw a little surprise b-day/goodbye shindig for arlene. and our gift? a lovely 8x8 scrapbook, with pages done by (most of) us, telling of what she has meant to us over the years. this is my contribution. if you'd like to read the journaling, click on it, and it'll get bigger for you.
you may have realized that it's been a while since i've done a page. yup. i'd actually forgotten how long i take to do these things. i can whip up a skinny or an ATC in about an hour, but a layout? average time spent: 3 hours. that's right, folks, this simpler-than-simpler page (based on a TOTW sketch, no less! it's not even original!) took me roughly 3 hours. but there you have it. i'm a wee bit anal about this stuff. but, i hope she enjoys it, because i've really enjoyed knowing her.
goodbye, arlene, and God bless you in the next part of your journey with Him.

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