Thursday, June 12, 2008


ok, so some of you may know this. i collect stuff. somewhat obsessively at times. this was especially true of Stampin' Up! stamps at one point. if it was pretty, or funky, or cool, or less than $100, i bought it. but, um, i don't stamp that much. and i never really did. (sad but true confessions of a former SU demo.) i'm in the mood to purge lately, and i figured it's better i get rid of stuff than, say, husbands or furnaces (don't ask - just some recent frustrations). so, i'm getting rid of some stamps.

here's the deal. some are for sale, some are free. depends. depends on usage, how much i like them, or how desperate i am to get rid of them (regardless of nice-ness or style or whatever). keep in mind, they are all in excellent shape, some used only once (believe it or not!). any staining on the wood or rubber does not affect the quality of the stamped image (some people don't realize that!). so, here's some of the list, at least for today:
  1. Noteworthy (set of 9) - taken
  2. Fleurs peintes (set of 8) [words are in french, but the flowers are beautiful!] - taken
  3. Holiday Blocks (set of 8) - taken
  4. Mini Messages (set of 8) - taken
  5. All Year Cheer (set of 11) - taken
  6. Alphabet Soup (set of 4) - $5
  7. Best Blossoms (set of 6) - $5
  8. Fun With Shapes (set of 13) - $10
  9. all caps alphabet (plain & simple? i forget the name) (set of 28) - $10
  10. Shapes & Shadows (set of 12) - $10
  11. Treat Yourself (set of 13) - $10

there's the list for today. i'll list it as well on the sidebar, so you won't have to keep referring back to past posts. i'll take them off the sidebar as they disappear.

and, i know the list seems short at the moment, but don't worry, it'll get longer. these are just the ones i had already sorted to sell on ebay (but i can't be bothered to do up listings on there right now). thanks for looking! :)

ps - if you need to know what they look like, you can either pop over, or email me and i'll try to send you a pic (or at the very least, i'll describe them to you).


Monika said...

Heather I would like that all year cheer...

Cath said...

Hi Heather,
Can you email me as I'm interested in all the sets you have for $5.