Sunday, June 15, 2008

where are they all coming from?! oh, yeah, utah.

so, i'm moving a bookcase up to my room this afternoon, and that means i have to empty it first (kinda awkward to carry a bookcase up the stairs when it's full. don't know if you've ever tried it, but i wouldn't recommend it... not that i've ever tried, mind you, but i digress...). well, i cleared off the first couple of shelves, then i look at the bottom shelf, and what do i see there? yup, you guessed it! more stamps!!!!! arg!!!! it's like they've been breeding, making little baby stamp sets, which in turn breed and create still more stamp sets!!! what's up with that?!

well, i'm posting my most recent discoveries on the sidebar, and removing the ones there that have been taken. thank-you, everyone, for your enthusiasm and help getting rid of my stuff. what great friends i have (or maybe i just hang around people who are as much the obsessive SU! collectors as myself).

i will likely have bundles of paper in the near future, as well, as i will be dealing with all of that in the week to come. so much purging, so little will... ah, well, so it goes. ttys! :)

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