Sunday, October 19, 2008

the "before... again" shot

ok, it's that time again... time to find my desk. here's my before shot, taken about 10 minutes ago. i haven't touched it yet. frankly, i'm scared to. i don't want to think of what i'm going to find in there... how many more bags of prima flowers, or papers i hate, or embies i forgot i had, or small children could i possibly find in there?!

hey, i know! let's have a contest:
guess the number of "extras" i will find on my desk this week. the person closest will win a pizza box kit, as yet unopened but nonetheless loved. i can't post pics of the papers yet, since i can't reach them at the moment. but i will, one of these days.

so, yeah, stay tuned this week to find out what i find. and seriously, if you want to play, just leave your guess in the comments here, and we'll see what i find!

ok, i've gotta get to work on this. come looking for me if you haven't heard from me by wednesday.

UPDATE: i already know about the 3 bags of Prima flowers i found earlier, and i've gotten rid of the ugly BG papers, so they don't count. this is "new" extras that we're looking for now.


Staci R. said...

I say 5.

Anonymous said...

I will say 12..


It's just my life....annie said...

I say... 8

Monika said... about 16...

Anonymous said...

ok i am going to update my guess to 24 ( double my guess )

Heather said...

haha, very funny, drea... sad thing is, after looking in my "extras" basket, staci's already out! hi, i'm heather, and i'm a scrappin addict.