Monday, October 6, 2008

ugh. more purging.

the time has come once again for the yard sale at Cut N Paste. this is perfect timing... i guess. it means i now have a time limit for my purging. because what i really need in my life right now is a time crunch and some stress. yeah. anyway...

i've decided to be brutal. and i mean, brutal. well nigh start from scratch with all my paper. that's right, folks, if it's not BG or a few other select papers, it's all going. well, the 12x12 is. the smaller stuff will stay. and likely a few other things are gonna go, too. i have some embies i may never use, so really, they should go, too. (the 3 bags of Prima flowers, and the 2 jars of Prima flowers - can you say, prima junkie! - are staying. so don't even ask. lol) likely some inks, too.

yeah, i'm going to be brutal. this is seriously getting out of hand here, so i need to pretend i have no attachment to paper (!) and other pretty things (!!) and let go. but at least i get store credit for everything that sells at the yard sale. which means i can buy more stuff! yay pam! lol

well, wish me luck. and again, if you don't hear from me for a couple days, or if my stuff doesn't make it to the store in time for the sale, come looking for me. and when you find me, consider everything burying me for sale. lol

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