Sunday, October 19, 2008

look! you can see desktop!!!

you will notice that the pile is significantly lower now. you can actually see the top of the desk! and so far i have found:
  1. a vintage photograph of my great-grandparents on their wedding day.
  2. 3 wooden coat hooks i was planning on altering for the kiddies.
  3. a protractor.
  4. a stamp set i was going to sell at the CNP yard sale. (Treat Yourself. it's all cupcakes and gumball-machine themed. very cute. very not me. maybe it will be in the prize pack. i'm counting as an extra, since it's a stamp set i didn't know i had anymore...)
  5. a roll of Hypafix.
  6. some cards.
  7. my hydro bill.
  8. a pile of BG rub-ons.
  9. my Xyron.
  10. my Infusion collection pack.
  11. the packaging for my Infusion collection pack. these were not together. seriously.
  12. the orange brads i wanted when i was playing with deb the other week.
  13. 2 monthly challenge kits.
  14. some flowers i don't want. they're cool, but, really, what was i thinking? they're not my style! they're not extras, but i'll count them. and they're going in the prize pack, too.
  15. the books i'd borrowed from my councellor to read with the kids.
  16. my jar of fibres. that's right. a jar. and it's tall. and until i actually stepped up to the desk, i couldn't see it. that's how high the pile was. i'm not joking.
  17. some pics from asher's birthday party last year.
  18. a coupon for $2.50 off a class at CNP. the coupon expired at the end of august. of this year. i know what you're thinking. i'm not that bad, you know. sheesh! lol

now, i'd like you not to notice that i am not posting a picture of my dining room table. and i will not be posting a pic of my desk in the morning after clearing off the table so we can eat breakfast. nope. by the end of this week, both surfaces will be clear and usable 100% of the time. but i think, for now anyway, i'll have to settle for an either/or scenario.

this too shall pass. serenity now, serenity now. i can do this. i can... can't i?

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