Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i clicked, i drooled, i scraplifted.

all i needed was an uninterrupted day, an inspirational blog, and a phone call from annie. ;)

i'm admitting it here, folks, sometimes, my layouts don't work out. and lately, this seems to be especially true when i use a sketch (i know, it gives me sadness, too). so, you should know, the reason it took so long to get the layout completed for the second Faithbooking class is because i did a layout already... and hated it! so i resolved to do it better. at first i thought i could salvage the original one, and improve it. but alas, that idea, yeah, not so good. so, i decided to just start over.

and the result is hanging up at CNP. it's called Faith. totally pared down and simplified, and i really like it. once i get a picture of it, i'll post it here. and i'm going to post the details about the class itself later tonight, or sometime tomorrow. in the meantime, pop over the CNP and check out the layouts for the Faithbooking courses (and sign up for the next class, or pick up the kit for the first class). talk to you later! ;)


Annie said...

seen the layout today... loved it!

Heather said...

i'm starting to "not hate" the picture on the second page, too... but it's still coming off when i get the layout back! ;)