Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why I Don't Do Paper-Piecing (this is for Deb, who created the lovelies below)

ok, for my readers who don't know exactly what paper-piecing is, here's a fine example, done by my friend deb. if you can't tell from the picture, each individual colour is a different piece of paper, cut out by hand, and glued together. i'm not joking. now, don't get me wrong, i think the finished product is lovely, and deb did a great job. but seriously... that's just not my style. so, having been inspired tonight, here are my reasons why i don't do paper-piecing:

  1. seriously... the time required to just do a simple lighthouse is unbelievable. i've got better things to do with my time. like blog about all reasons i don't do paper-pieced lighthouses.
  2. what colour is Goofy's hat?! who cares?! (this actually came out of a real conversation tonight, if you can believe it. but, staci came to the rescue, and looked it up online. it's green.)
  3. seriously! who really cares what colour Goofy's hat is?!
  4. i don't know what colour each Disney character's nose is.
  5. so, my friend wanted to do a scarecrow. bought the kit and everything. but there was no template in the kit. and now there's no scarecrow. :(
  6. "it could be one piece for the shoes, or 12 pieces. it all depends." that's an actual quote. i'm not kidding.
  7. so very many small pieces to cut out.
  8. so very many small pieces to lose.
  9. so very many small pieces to re-cut.
  10. so very many small pieces that get found after gluing down the second piece.


Heather said...

I shy away from paper piecing too, Heather. I wonder if it's a "Heather" thing?? I will do it if the items are cut out on a sizzix (which the LSS has tons of!)...I save my hand cutting for special fonts that I like to make myself.
Heather in Nova Scotia

Annie said...

I have to be in a certain mood for paper piecing and that doesn't come along very often.