Monday, September 29, 2008

Joe. gimme.

the challenge this week on Think Monday - Think ATC is coffee. almost too easy.
i say almost because, as some of you may know, i have an awesome coffee stamp (i used it on a 4x4 a while back, and i love it!). now, if you recall my post from the other day, my scrappin space is, well, messy. i can see desk, and the highest pile consists of a pen, some cards, a package of eyelets and a basket (listed from bottom to top). anyway, i searched high and low for that coffee stamp, but alas, it is nowhere to be found. and i just saw it the other day! arg!
so, if you noted my FB status tonight, it said "heather is going to make an atc tonight." then it changed to "heather is going to read tonight." then it changed back to "heather made an ATC after all tonight." and here it is!
not the stamp, mind you. no, that's gone. i'll find it... eventually. but while i was flipping around between blogs and listening to music, i was inspired to do the ATC anyway, and completely differently than i had originally intended. here's the final product. i like it. a lot.
the TMTA theme this week is coffee. and i was inspired. so here is my creation.
and while you're looking, please don't notice the fact that the mug is, in fact, paper-pieced. i stand by my post from the other night. i almost lost the handle at one point. and inking the edges is ridiculous. yes, i stand by my "i don't do paper-piecing" rant. but at least i've given it a whirl. i like the whimsy the mug lends to this ATC, but still, this will be the last paper piecing you see from this girl for a long time... like, forever.
but you noticed that the mug is BG infuse, didn't you? i know you did. i'll get you all hooked on BG, just gimme time (if you're not already addicted, that is, because really, how could you not be?). ;)


ChloesMumma said...

You did paper did paper piecing!! Neeener neener neener...!!!

Seriously though, I love this. And I love coffee. And I think you're pretty groovy, too. So basically this little gem is lots of things I'm fond of wrapped up in one tiny little stunning package. Much like me. Okay, why are you laughing? That's just cruel ;)

Hope to see ya soon xo

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your ATC is great, wonderful colors and design! I went with the cuppa "joe" theme as well

Nancy said...

I like you ATC. I paper pieced as well.

J and Z said...

cute cute cute card!!!

Chriss Rollins said...

cuppa joe..been hearing a bit about him.
great take on the theme.
chriss x