Sunday, September 14, 2008

purging. but in a socially-conscious way...

and now, i'm not tossing all my pretty paper into the recycling bin (instead of the garbage). why would you even think that?! have you not met me?! lol

i read of a women's shelter near my parents' church. i offered them oodles o' paper, as well as free classes on cardmaking and basic scrapbooking. i'll let you know if/when i hear back.

if they don't want it, and staci doesn't want it (lol), i'm saving it for the Yard Sale at CNP. might as well get some store credit for it all... esp since it mostly came from there in the first place. (have i mentioned here that pam's my dealer? and one of my dearest friends? and that i didn't know her from a hill of beans before she opened her store? yeah. lol)

and... because i SO love to purge, i did get rid of quite a bit of stuff the other day. one of my friends, the one who makes annie b look like a disorganized slob, popped by for a moment. she left with my big black box o' paper. not just the box. it was full of paper. and hanging folders to organize it all. she almost cried when she saw it. lol slowly but surely, i'm making progress... are you proud, annie? ;)

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ChloesMumma said...

Staci DOES want what they don't want :)