Saturday, March 22, 2008

can you believe it?!

i'm 30 today. so, here's what i'll be doing today:
  • renewing my driver's licence
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • listening to MY NEW IPOD!!! (thank-you, hunny!)
  • making pizzas with blithe
  • easter shopping
  • listening to my ipod (my hubby's awesome!)
  • partying (blithe is throwing me a surprise party tonight)
  • if i have time, some scrappin (duh)
  • sitting back and contemplating 30.
  • drinking coffee

that's the day i have planned. the first 2 kinda suck, but must be done. woohoo. :P but i can do both while listening to my new ipod (ah, multitasking! in fact, maybe i'll multi-task a bit now and listen to my ipod, drink some coffee, and work on my latest layout). i'll post more later, complete with pictures (i can't seem to get kodak easyshare to work this morning).

haha! funny note about the ipod. ok, so ed and i have absolute opposite taste in music. i mean, really, we but music for each other like this: i listen to it, and if i hate it, i buy it for him. he listens to something, and if he hates it, he buys it for me. my favourite music actually makes him leave the room! so anyway, my ipod is already loaded up with music he hates! i mean really, he made a whole little song about how he won't be borrowing my ipod ever. fine by me!

and i've been making some nice progress (i think) on my collage layout. i've been colouring the paper (using watercolour pencils and blender pens - i don't usually use paint - i like control and clean, so pencils are the way to go for me) and ordering prints and picking out stamps and flowers and all kinds of fun stuff like that! i think i could really get on board with this collage style! i'll post some pics of my progress later. talk to you later! h

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