Friday, March 21, 2008

i popped over to CNP this morning, which isn't technically open, but i grabbed some stuff off the shelf and handed her some $$$ and she accepted it. maybe you could try it, too. another glorious way to celebrate christ's passion and self-sacrifice....... buy STUFF!

i'm trying something new today. i've been intimidated by this paper for a while, but i have the perfect picture of blithe. so i'm going to watercolour the paper, and try a bit of collage, inspired by the folks over at the Scrapiteria blog (the link is on the side bar). i'm playing around with this today. i've never done this, at least not with this paintable paper. i tried a different design, but it didn't speak to me, and i screwed it up. but this time i have a plan. here's the paper:

i have a pic of blithe in a glorious, giant, victorian-inspired pink hat, and i think it'll work nicely with this paper. i'm stepping WAY out of my comfort zone with this, so fingers crossed it works.
colour scheme will be pink, blue and purple. i'll keep you posted! h

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