Saturday, March 15, 2008

why, yes, Virginia, there is a desk under there.

look how much better it's looking already! i can actually see my desk in some places! we're making progress today, but i think we're going to call it a day. haven't really managed to purge anything yet. i still need to ruthlessly go through my paper box, and then there's the baskets full of embellishments and potential projects to sort and purge. oh, the fun i'm going to be having over the next little while. i hope to have this done by the end of next week. we'll see, especially with asher heading back into the cath lab for some more stents, but i'm just trying to live my life, and we'll cancel and adjust plans as needed.

hopefully i'll get some scrappin' done tonight, and i'll post any layouts here. have a good day!


GregnKerry said...

A fine effort indeed! Go Heather! You organize that desk!

Annie said...

Oh Heather... oh my stars!!!!!

I love ya girl but we must do something about that desk.