Saturday, March 29, 2008

wishful thinking? i hope not

i want to get some stuff done. not housework stuff. never housework stuff! lol but creative stuff. other than organizing, i mean. so i'm going to be trying out a couple of challenges. i found a blog with some links to challenge blogs. i've already added links to a couple of them on the sidebar, and we'll see if i get them done.

i think they may be interesting ways to get some ATCs done. i've been intrigued by ATCs for ages now, but i haven't really gotten into them yet. so i want to get on it. they'll also be unique ways to figure out the collage thing. maybe i'll even get some random arty stuff done, using these challenges as inspiration! who knows? well, we'll see. i think i'll get on the thursday one now. i may add a "sunday stamper" one tomorrow. i haven't decided yet. i'll post when i have something!

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