Thursday, March 20, 2008

here it is! my first page in ages! as you can see, it's asher. it's for his baby book, which is 8.5x11.

i pulled out a lot of older stuff from my stash. i bought this paper at CNP at least a year ago, probably more. the rub-on title i've had for a while, too. and the cool heart in the bottom left corner? it's the Soho Swirls giant chipboard i bought several months ago but have never used. so there you go. not my best work, but it's my first in a while, and i did the whole page on my newly cleaned off desk (which is even annie b approved! lol)

btw, this is based on the Treat of the Week sketch. it has most of the elements, but only one picture. i prefer 1-pic layouts, and in this size, i don't have much room for too many, anyway. well, there you have it. hope you like it!

ooh! and i have to share this with you! tonight was the first time i actually SCANNED something! i'm so excited! gone are the days of crappy pics that i have to crop and then post even though you can't tell what the photo is because of the flash! gone are the days of deciding, "do i crop off part of the page, leave in some of my mess in the background, or take yet another shot?" i'm so excited! it's like a whole new world opening up to me now! (well, for this size anyway. 12x12 won't fit on my scanner. sucks, but what can you do?)

yes, i know, i'm a loser. but i'm so excited! i LOVE new toys! especially ones that make my life easier! like my crop-a-dile, which i used on this layout. or my crop-a-dile carrier, in which i store said tool, and the eyelets included in the carrier, which i used on this layout. honestly, ever since i figured out how to actually use my crop-a-dile (and it took a while, and i still refer to my instruction book often), i think i've used it on every layout i've done. oh, no, i think i missed a couple. but almost every one.

ah, well. and i'm just proud enough of myself right now that i think i'll go get a beer, flip through my sketches, and plan my next layout..... about my favourite socks! h


Annie said...

We are alike in so many ways... I love one picture layouts.... I love my cropadile... and oh... I have tons of stuff I purchased a long time ago waiting to be used. Love the layout!!!

you made me laugh about the scanner... your so silly!

Monika said...

very nice page Heather! Great job.