Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i'm on a roll

i love days like this. it seems that my most, how can i put this, hormonaly charged days end up my most productive. that could be due to a lack of emotional wherewithal to cling to things, so i'm much better at the purging part of organization. whatever the reason, i've made quite a bit of progress today, i'd say. you can actually see quite a bit of desk now! and you can see the wall behind the desk, too! even better, i've actually used one of my tools out of my Around the Block box (the solid olive green box on the shelf there). yup, not a bad day as far as all that goes.

but then i had a problem. it seemed that under every few inches of stuff, i would find more pictures. pictures that i had printed, some as long ago as mid-january (oh, yes, it's like an archeological dig around here today!). pictures that had never found their way into storage. or onto layouts. i meant to scrap them, but when have i had time? anyway, i packed up my daughter and off we trekked to Michaels, in search of photo storage. and the solution?

tada! my new cropper hopper photo case. i think this should hold most of my pics. lol and it gets even better! not only did i get to have some retail therapy on an intensely hormonal day, but...


i'm really so easy to please on days like this. just buy me stuff. that's all i ask. because if you're coming at me about anything, you'd better preface it with, "here, honey, i thought you might like this" and unless it's prozac or midol, i'll be happy. so, i feel loved and happy, eager to get organizing, and now i'm just waiting for hub to come home with a new feeding pump for asher (see his blog in a few minutes) and lunch. because i am SOOOOO not cooking today. :)


GregnKerry said...

Wow Heather! Well done!

Annie said...

Great job Heather!!!!! It really looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!