Saturday, March 15, 2008

My So-Called Desk....

ok, so i need to organize my scrappin' space. then get scrappin'. this blog is about my quest to find my desk, and to post the layouts i get done there, despite and after the mess. and if you're lucky, maybe i'll have some give-aways, too! because i have TONS of stuff i don't need, and, due to the lack of organization, i missed the yard sale at my friend's LSS, where i could have gotten rid of stuff. so, check back often to see my progress, see my layouts, and maybe get free stuff.
a lot of this progress will be based on said friend's Organizational Challenge, but perhaps less structured. in fact, it will be less structured, but hopefully just as productive. i hope this works.... and that i stick to it. i'll admit i'm a bit of a slob, so this is an on-going battle in my life. sigh. well, best get to it.

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