Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i think i can see some progress. if i'm not mistaken, that's a desk over there on the left. and the pile of stuff is getting smaller. on the right, in that big basket, is a bunch of projects and alter-able things. i'm keeping them in the basket, but it's going to go under the desk. still accessible, but not on my desk. i'll post more pics later, since this is project o' the day.

but you should have seen what i was finding on there! i found my new mastercard that i didn't know had come yet, and some newsletters from blithe's school, a ton of pictures, and pamphlets about congestive heart failure and cardiac caths. i've also come across some newspapers we're in, and some chipboard and felt stickers i forgot i'd bought. i love finding "new" embellishments! can't wait to use them.... soon.... very soon..... i hope.

anyway... i think i'll be going up to michaels today to pick up a cropper hopper box to store all my pics. what a fun day! re-discovered embies, a clean(-ish) desk and a trip to michaels! i think i'll need to go through my magazines at some point. i need to purge, so i may be giving away some magazines later. talk to you later! h

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