Thursday, March 27, 2008

Giggling Goldfish

during my random meanderings through blogger one day, i came across a blog (Melissa Vest Designs - i added a link on the sidebar). well, every week or so, she showcases an artist on etsy - an on-line marketplace for handmade everything. last week, she chose the Giggling Goldfish. totally cute name, and totally cute products! so, since i always do as i'm told (you can stop laughing now - lol), i checked it out, and I COULD NOT RESIST!!!! such awesome merchandise! even the packaging is great! and pretty good prices, too.

so, my package arrived today, and i was so impressed, i had to show you:

the package it comes in, as yet unopened.
yeah, like i could wait. this is how it's packed inside the box.
comes in a co-ordinating tin, tied in a pretty bow.
check it out!
ok, so the one that i got is called "totally subLIME" and it is! you doubt? i'll be wearing my new necklace a lot from now on, so if you see me, you'll understand.
and the extra square? that's a nice little bonus, apparently. a co-ordinating magnet. delightful! the service was excellent, the shipping was quick. love it! :)
so, really, check it out - i'm putting a link to etsy on the sidebar, and you can peruse at your leisure. enjoy!


Annie said...

I so love Etsy... always cruising it looking at things and getting inspired. Sorry I haven't caught up this week... too many sick people here this past week... very overwhelmed. Hopefully things will be down to a dull roar this week.

gigglinggoldfish said...

Wow...I am sooooo sorry this is months late, but Thank You so much for this write up and all the awesome comments! You just totally made my day even five months later :D I was just sayin today that there is no bigger form of flattery to me anyway than to have someone enjoy and love the things you create. You just rock...thank you again.